I’ve received a lot of messages about my themes having a bar that says “Please stop hotlinking my easing script — use a real CDN instead. Many thanks.”

It is an issue with the hosting site that I used for one of my scripts, I’m currently going through every theme and replacing the source with the one from my website. Sorry for the wait and hassle!

I should also be releasing some new themes soon, possibly ;)

theme: “lavender #1”


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So sorry I haven’t made any themes in so long! The past few months have been crazy… and with finals approaching I’ll be busy studying. But I’ll try to make some new themes within the next week or so :) I’ve got a lot of awesome ideas I’d like to try :D

theme: “victyssa 8”

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i’m gonna make a new theme tonight! :) sorry it’s been a while—lots of stuff has been going on

Anonymous: People send you hate for your psuedo-dashboard theme? wtf. honestly i think it looks pretty nice. i was actually waiting for someone to make this; it must've taken a lot of effort.

thank you.

theotheralexj: using the pseudo dash theme now. thank you so much! it's exactly what I was hoping to find :)

you’re welcome!

infinitestuff: Victoria, I am very impressed with your MinimallyMinimal theme, but I can't locate it to install. How can I get a hand on it? Cheers, Mihaly
theme: “sundayx 6”

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Anonymous: Hey, can I edit your theme, like change the color to suit my likes?

sure! just don’t remove my theme credit :)